Sporting Kaw Valley Adult Soccer Association

The word Pelada [ pronounced Pay-lah-dah ] is a brazilian word that describes an informal game of soccer between friends. Peladas are played everywhere, everyday, and are motivated by nothing more than the love for the game and the sense of community at its core.

We've all been there! You want to play, but you're not sure when and where to find others that are also wanting to play. Let us help! SKVASA has reserved several nights a week (this winter) on the turf field at the Lawrence Sports Pavilion that we are specifically dedicating for individuals (ages 16 and up) who want to play 5v5 "pick up" soccer throughout the week. Drop in and play or purchase your Pelada Unlimited Access to save a little money.


OPTION 1: Drop in Rate - $5 per session (Cash or check accepted - EXACT CHANGE ONLY).

OPTION 2: Pelada Unlimited - $50 for unlimited number of sessions through March 1st.

Click here to sign-up and purchase your Pelada Unlimited Access.

Winter Schedule

Sundays - 500-630 pm (3 courts)

Mondays - 730-900 pm (2 courts)

Tuesdays - 700-830 pm (2 courts) & 830-1000 pm (1 court)

Thursdays - 830-1000 pm (1 court)





Feb 4

Feb 5

Feb 6

Feb 8

Feb 11

Feb 12

Feb 13

Feb 15

Feb 18

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Feb 22

Feb 25

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Feb 27

Mar 1



No Slide Tackling

No Headers

All balls kicked above 12 feet = change of possession

GK must stay in the box

1 goal wins (team that scores stays on the field)

5 minute rule - No score after 5 min (both teams exit the field)


Check in with the Admin before the session and pay

Complete the waiver

Get a bib from the administrator

Play and have fun!

Treat each other with respect

Return the bib at the end of the session